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A Full Stack Designer working with startups to create amazing products and brands.

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Jumpshare is an all-in-one platform that helps people share their work faster and collaborate better. I worked as a Full Stack Designer to implement proven design techniques and experimented with innovative designs to a rapidly growing user base while keeping current users engaged. I collaborated directly with the company founder and developed UI for Jumpshare iPhone, Web, and Desktop apps.

My Role

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Website Redesign


Our goal was to increase the impact of on the bottom line. Hence the website redesign aimed to make the site comprehensive, easy to navigate, and focusing on prospects.


For the website, my process was to brainstorm and wireframe with the product owner. I worked on the visual design, got sign-offs, and ultimately wrote the frontend code. Afterward, I performed analytics on the new customer-facing website. 

WF—Business Landing
WF—Second version (Final)
Keynote—Jumpshare Homepage v2

The new website highlights the capabilities of the product which were not well known previously. New pages were added for each feature like screencasts or file sharing, explaining details about each. Moreover, App specific pages, Pricing pages, and Tour pages were also developed and shipped. 

Jumpshare H2


The user conversion rate gradually increased from 16% to 35%. It helped Jumpshare product to grow its audience and build trust in the brand. 

Jumpshare Business


Jumpshare Business was one of the most exciting product releases I enjoyed working with. It thoroughly revised most areas of the product while giving it a fresh look. I worked on Business Landing Pages, Checkout, Dashboard, Desktop App Designs, and Branding.


Besides the website, I worked on various features which added value for the end-user.

App Download Campaign

Our free users were unaware of our powerful desktop apps. The app downloads were pretty low which were the core drivers helping to attract users to plus plan, the key factor for revenue.

To create awareness about our powerful desktop apps, we presented visual clues for new and existing users to notice and download the app.

App User Onboarding

App User Onboarding

A refreshed on-boarding experience to guide new users to Jumpshare Apps

Marketing Designs

While working as a full-stack designer, I also had the responsibility to create marketing content. We commonly used email newsletters. I designed and implemented the newsletters which involved recording crisp and optimized GIFs.

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