How might we reimagine the trading experience with security, reliability, and simplicity at its core while remaining faithful to the brand story and vision?

My Role

Web App
iOS App (Co-op)



Inexperienced traders faced confusion and uncertainty during the trading process, which led to potential scams. Dissatisfied traders were more likely to consider leaving the platform.


A user-friendly experience for new Bitcoin traders that prioritises immediate actions with systematic evidence gathering to minimise scams and close loopholes.

Paxful is a peer-to-peer platform that lets anyone buy or sell digital currencies with ease using 350+ different payment methods. In just five years, it has become the leading Bitcoin marketplace used by millions around the world.

Paxful’s shared vision of helping the unprivileged people through education and financial empowerment has led people to go full-time trading.

What did we have before?


New: Clear, Simple, delightful

Guided Trade Experience


Understanding the landscape

App User Onboarding

I began with a thorough analysis of the app and explored what interactions existed and where there was room for further exploration.

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Empathise and Test 

In addressing a product design challenge, I employed a comprehensive user research approach.

After analysing user sessions with Smart Look, we discovered specific user behaviours like users skipped over instructions on how to be cautious with their new trades.


Through support tickets and Telegram, we gathered product feedback from top traders and peers, which helped us understand user expectations, pain points, and scams.


Dogfooding, or internally using the product, allowed for a firsthand understanding of the existing user experience by observing those who never traded on Paxful.

Exploring initial ideas with design workshops

What online products do you appreciate?


Collaborating on identifying common everyday UX patterns by brainstorming with diverse teams including copywriters, quality engineers, data architects, and customer support managers. Utilizing affinity mapping, I identified and categorized distinct themes.

Defining Problem

Gathering Insights

Two themes surfaced as I converged my research findings. 


Visual Clutter

Users encountered lengthy texts characterised by confusing content and critical information being obscured or absent.


Unclear Process

Novice traders found the end-to-end trade journey unclear. Questions like when to pay, when to wait, and concerns about acquiring Bitcoin often left them uncertain.

Recognising the need for a simplified user experiencewe pursued the idea of curbing scammers by potentially minimising interactions between traders.

Concurrently, efforts were made to enhance clarity and friendliness throughout the trading.


Setting up foundations

Taking ownership, navigating complex problem space, and synthesising abstract concepts while making them simple for others to understand. 


Due to the extensive scope of the product, we decided to focus our initial release on a specific payment group. This involved translating a novel conceptual logic into a tangible composite flow.


After conducting market analysis, I gathered insights from industry standards and user expectations. These insights informed our design decisions, such as using a list view to condense data and providing sequential status updates.


I decided to tackle the main trade screen with a novel approach for key UX. When users start a trade, they’ll only see what they need to do next and can view their progress right away.


Reusing the drawer component I had previously created for trader chat details to organize trade information, thus removing details which weren't crucial for the main trade view.


Paxful aimed to boost user confidence in achieving financial goals through their platform. Recognizing the need for a more engaging user experience, I collaborated with visual artists to infuse a friendly and secure vibe into the web app. By integrating playful elements into the trading interface, we aimed to evoke a sense of accomplishment and pride for traders upon completing tasks.

Here's a glimpse of the integrated new functionality with the existing "Create an Offer" flow, facilitating iterative and comparative analysis.

Traders can provide bank details and request key information for security and reliability using segregated options instead of manually inserting each time in chat. 



Native Mobile App

These findings gradually influenced the development of native mobile apps



When evaluating the impact of our product design initiatives, we selected specific key metrics.

Success Rate

# of disputed trades
# of cancelled trades


Resolution time for disputed trades

Trade Velocity

Time taken to complete a trade

Offer Share

# of guided vs. classic offers

Collectively, some of these success metrics formed the foundation of our assessment, affirming the tangible and qualitative strides achieved through our product design endeavours.

Stay Connected to the Streets

Reflections & Learnings

Working on this project was a rewarding experience that underscored the power of storytelling in shaping user experiences. Storytelling fosters a strong connection between the audience and your brand narrative.

Yet, it's crucial to prioritise your audience by understanding their pain points and incorporating their feedback into design decisions.

I look for micro-animations in every app now. From Facebook’s bell icon to Uber's little cars, micro-interactions allow you to connect with your users, elevate product experience to delightfulness and sell your brand story.


UX Director – Paxful

UX Director – Paxful

"Haseeb is a detail-oriented, open and communicative designer. His goal is not only to deliver but solve and improve the product with users' needs at the core.
Besides design, he's highly addicted to keeping everything organised."

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